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As experienced roofing specialists covering all areas in ESSEX AND SUFFOLK, our dedicated team here at K A Newman Roofing Services Ltd are perfectly placed to give you honest, impartial advice about your roof. Whether you need an entirely new roof or just a spot of maintenance, our highly trained team can help you out.
Even back in the early days of roofing, people were selective over the materials they used as they wanted to achieve several things: waterproofing, warmth, protection from pests and a barrier against the elements.
We’ve put together a handy guide to the different types of roofing materials we use, why they are used and how to know whether to repair or replace your roof.

Example of Roofing Materials


Clay tiles are an extremely popular roofing material. Old clay tiles, that were handmade, are subject to natural imperfections such as warping and twisting during the firing process. They also shayle and look unsightly.
Handmade clay tiles installed on roofs are difficult to lay flat and often lead to leaks and holes. Today, clay tiles are mass-produced with very little variation between the tiles, this ensures a protective barrier against the weather, but still give a traditional appearance.


Slate is a metamorphic rock, it is an extremely popular as a roofing material because of its natural water resistance, absorbing less than 0.4% of any water that lands upon it.
Although the majority of slate used is natural slate taken from mines, there is an increasingly large number of houses and construction firms switching to a lighter and equally durable alternative in the form of artificial slate. It can be more uniform, more eco-friendly, and overall easier to install than its natural counterpart, so it’s no wonder why more homebuilders see the benefit of this roofing option.
Because of the exceptional durability of slate, it should not need regular repair when it has been installed expertly. Also, because of its high level of natural water resistance, slate is exceptionally resistant to the advancements of mould, fungus, and bird droppings.


Lead is one of the oldest roofing materials that is still in use today, largely thanks to its durability, reliability, and resistance to corrosion. Lead roofing is flexible and long-lasting, making it a great choice for many different roofing projects.
Lead roofing is a good choice for the following:

  • Historic and listed buildings
  • Parapets
  • Flat roofing
  • Valley gutters
  • Lead sleeves
  • Lead flashing


The weather we experience here in the UK may affect your roof in a variety of different ways and it’s important to keep on top of roof maintenance to reduce the likelihood of needing expensive roof repairs on your property.
Our seasonal weather in the UK, the heat of the sun in the summer the biting frost and snowfall in winter, not forgetting the rain, of which we get lots, all can have an adverse effect on the health of our roofs. Make sure you do regular maintenance checks to avoid any nasty roof repairs.


While it might seem unlikely that the summer sun is doing that much damage to your roof, much of the effect the sun has on your roof is unnoticed until a period of intense weather – such as a, summer storm which can bring plenty of rain and debris raining down on your roof, this can in turn block your downpipes and gutters
As many roofs are unshaded, there is no level of protection between your roof and the unfiltered UV rays from our sun. Over time, exposure to heat and UV rays can start to dry out your roof, causing shrinkage as well as causing wood structures to bleach and weaken, potentially even cracking. Tiles that face long exposure to daily high summer temperatures can begin to buckle or split and the joins between tiles can become looser as shrinkage occurs.
A well maintained roof with sufficient ventilation and good insulation in the attic space can help distribute the heat from the summer sun evenly. If you have an older roof, say more than ten years old talk to K A Newman Roofing Services about roof ventilaition, for example roof vents, or over soffits vents. The advantage of investing in a roof with adequate ventilation and insulation may include improved energy bills, better insulation against heat loss and improvement of airflow around the roof.
Another problem that may occur during the summer due to the extreme change in temperature from a long hot summer day to a very cold night, materials on your roof can expand and contract in particular plastic guttering where joints can come undone etc.
If your roof is unmaintained, your roof might have some moisture trapped between tiles or under support structures. Over the summer, with the increased warmth and a supply of water, mould and moss can grow rapidly; spreading across your roof in a blanket of green, creeping into your attic spaces and down the external walls.
To minimise this happening contact us today for advise on cleaning your roof either by Power Washing or hand cleaning, followed by the application of a fungicide to minimise any damage to your roof in the future.


The colder months bring shorter days, less sunlight, frosty, bitter temperatures and an increased chance of rain and snow.

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